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Our Story

In January 2001 David Garcia entered the real estate industry believing in the potential to grow a business that was both scalable and limitless. He started honing his craft and found success using the traditional methods but quickly realized that to truly help as many people as possible, he was going to need to take a different approach.

In February 2010 David brought on his first buyers specialist, Joaquin Granados and the David Garcia Team was built. It was based on three important pillars; a team of specialists, a system of proven repeatable strategies, and a system based on market knowledge.

In the modern approach to real estate, David found that so many agents do so many things, it was important that each member of his team specialize in one niche and to master it. His team is made up of buyer specialists whose focus is on helping buyers, a listing specialist who only lists homes, and coordinators whose only focus is to guide clients through the listing or closing process. A team is a better way to manage the customer level of experience as each client is guaranteed to have the same experience.

Client’s experiences with the David Garcia Team are based on repeatable, unique system of strategies. A strategic approach leads to a predictable outcome. In the modern approach, a lot is based on hope and unpredictable circumstances that is present in the ever-changing real estate market. With a system that is based on market knowledge, it provides an advantage over the competition. The David Garcia Team is always evolving and growing to keep up with the demand and strives to be on the cusp of the cutting edge of real estate strategies, technologies, and tools!



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